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For business that need to track sales with confidence.

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RM800.00 billed yearly

Awesome Features

POS & Ordering Platform

POS & Order Fulfillment with features like:

Awesome Features

Odoo & ERP Services

1st service provider, since TinyERP 4.5 till the most recent Odoo version 16, we experienced the growth of this popular opensource ERP and adding to our implementation experiences, we getting better and better at it, contact us.

Implementing Odoo ERP projects with competence like:

from RM180.00

For SME that need to full power & flexibilities in business resources planning.

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RM1800.00 billed monthly


For SME that need to create online profit plans with E-Commerce.

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RM1080. billed yearly

Awesome Features

E-commerce Platform

Integrated E-commerce platform like:

Awesome Features

Mobile Apps Platform

Integrated Progressive Web Apps (PWA) into our ERP framework for engagement with your customers or sales team.

Engage Sales / CRM by your Salesman with features like:

RM50.00 / user

For business to manage Customers order or tracking KPI with Sales teams .

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RM 500.00 billed monthly


For Remote Sales Team or Engaging Sales with Conversation E-commerce Bot process 

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RM1880.00 billed monthly

Awesome Features

Bot Automation & AI Analytic

So you want to leverage your Whatsapp, Messenger, IG, Telegram or chat to manage your business process or engage with your customer turning a higher sales revenues ?

Start automate your Chat applications with features like:

Awesome Features

HR & Payroll Platform

Integrated Human Resource and Payroll system with our ERP platform to provide and single platform to manage your human resources

Track HR & Payroll processes with features like:


For Business with 25 employees that need to manage HR & Employees Payroll online.

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RM500.00 billed yearly


For Business that need to deploy Cloud Computing project plans with confidence.

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Awesome Features

Cloud infrastructure Services

We have been leveraging AWS, Google Cloud and Digital Ocean since 2013 and certainly has experience to provide competence Cloud computing managed service for your business digital transformation

Provide Managed Cloud Computing projects for you:

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Frequently asked questions

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Yes, we offer custom solutions, should you find that it is more practical for you to implement according to your specific requirements. Do contact us for a quick chat today.

Beside technical competency in various platforms, experiences with various platform, industries like manufacturing, service & hospitality , Field services, FMCG , Order our ERP deployment with our clients gave us an opportunities to understand and learn about practical industries workflow leveraging technologies. We also are passionate in the technologies and are currently adding to our solutions with AI and machine learning based Analytics for our current solutions.

For Coding, we speak Python, Embarcadero Delphi and Javascript (Framework7, VueJS and ReactJS), for our applications , we had experiences to deploy them into Android, MacOS , Windows and Linux. For DevOps, continous Integration, we leverge mainly with Githubs Actions and Gitlab Pipelines. For server automation uses Redhat Ansible project. And for PubSub notifications we uses LongPolling and webSocket. For mobile development, flutter platform is the one we working with. And we are open source application providers that focus on Odoo ,Wordpress, Woocommerce implementaiton  services.

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OK, you still have many questions, understand.  And you wish to talk to us via a nice phone call, zoom meeting, ok, we can do that, go to our contact page,  or you can start chatting with us, click on the Chat with Us button button.

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