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Requirements for Web hosting for your WordPress, Woocommerce sites, Web, Mobile , Windows Mac , Linux Application development, integration with Raspberry Pi for your IoT projects, integrate Odoo, automate using Whatsapp, Messenger, or Sales order Fulfillment processes, depend on Skills, Experiences and a good reliable partners. We are glad to partner with them to provide you a solutions for your Business. You scale, our Partner is able to scale with you and we got your back.

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Digital Ocean

Simple PaaS for Developers
RM 80 Monthly
  • Made for Developer, Suitable for Applications deployment
  • Automate Backup, Easy to configure and Scalable too!
  • Simple to start


World Largest Cloud Platform
RM 80 Monthly
  • Platform that is Ready to scale
  • Not the cheapest but most business friendly
  • Suitable for Enterprise Cloud Migration


it is not a PaaS but SaaS
RM 80 Monthly
  • Experiences since 2007, we create values for many SME
  • Malaysia Payroll, GST and SST
  • FMCG, Retails, Field Service, F&B, Contract based

Google Cloud

Popular among the data scientist
RM 80 Monthly
  • Advance A.I. and Machine Learning platform
  • Integrated with Google workspace, Gmail service
  • Enterprise with Tech love it!

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