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Competence, Experiences, Full stacks developers and ERP solutions service provider since 2007, we are passionate but practice integrity without compromising quality. 

Our mission is to provide simple open-source solutions for SME to leverage technologies for profit maximisation.

Microsoft support Open-source openly and Github which currently hosting millions of open source projects, Oracle sponsors VirtualBox, one of the popular x86/AMD64/Intel64 bit virtualisation tool. Ubuntu is one of the widely adopted Linux platform, where Google and Facebook has spent so much in open source project initiatives and investment, you mean not safe in what sense ?

Well honestly, we failed many time, tried many different projects, from DOS to windows, from Web to Mobile Applications, from hard coding to AI based developments, we may not be the last one who has tried many stuffs locally, important is we did not stop learning and our tech still relevant, over the years, our business senses and our tech stacks grow with our experiences of many successful deployments for our partners and clients. Do you want to trust a partners that is competence, experiences and do not compromise delivery with challenges ?

Good questions, we tried out many stuffs over the years, here is what still in our toolbox, Python, Embarcadero Delphi, Javascript ( ReactJS, VueJS, Framework7), PWA, Databases we use Postgres, MySQL mainly, but we are not alien to MsSQL, Access MDB, Mobile sqlite, Browser based db, localstorage or noSQL databases such as Google Firebase. We apply openAPI standard for most of our integration works and are familiar with various open source project i.e. wordpress+woocommerce, Odoo ERP. in AI technologies, we leverage Google DialogFlow for NPL and AI engine, we are leveraging RASA.ai. For mobile development, we uses Flutter based framework.

Starting with Manufacturing, government related projects, wholesales and distributions, F&B, FMCG, Field service related, Contract/Project based, Service based, Logistic and freight forwarding.

We currently focus in developing useful products for the Odoo communities, service especially in Sales/Marketing optimisation and we also put priorities in creating our own Sales, inventory, Order fulfillment related applications. We will based on our research & development in AI based automation / business intelligence / business analytics.

Not drone, Not Electrical Car, Not Apps or IoT related Climate change, but something to do with Web3 for our applications. 

  • Do not adopt new tech, before it is mature
  • Do not listen to social media or popular influencers, youtuber without verifying
  • Do not throw away practical old tech, but be flexible to adopt online operations
  • Do not start investing without knowing valuable cost effective options
  • Do not 

The journey as a Technopreneur in Malaysia with limited resources is certainly not easy, we love to share ours stories, hope somehow along the way can be of some help or insights for your business.

  • Always start with a mission, visions and values for cultivating your company culture DNA
  • Always have proper strategies coming from your visions & values and executing them through proper technologies platform
  • When you are small, do not take on big transformation project, count your resources and set the correct priorities
  • Develop characters when it comes to taking risk, facing fears that comes from your challenges or competitors, stay mindful
  • Always learn from failures not avoiding failures, instead cultivate humility,  in team encourage to learn about the power of vulnerability
  • Get an experienced, passionate mentor to guide your digital transformation journey and help you to accelerate this process without making costly decisions and increase efficiency in your daily business operations


We’re changing how Businesses work together

Internet change the way we get information, and how we do business, and mobile phone change the accessibility of information, Social media, remember how Facebook changed your business  engagement with customers, advertisements from printed ad to online, then the Cloud computing to move your office server to internet. NOW Ai and ML for business decision making is taking shape, web3 (blockchain technologies) is next and before knowing it, if no decision make to embrace changes, staying relevant and continual existing will be the question you have to ask your business, E-GlobalSCM are here at most transitions of the technologies, help many businesses, TRY US OUT ?


"We made our Solutions to be user-friendly and really intuitive, everyone should be able to use Instant-ERP Application without any difficulties."


Kalmen Chia


Your Data +
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We are here to develop applications or provide practical solutions to gain insight with their own data to maximise their own profitability easily.

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