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“If machines can do things better, we have to change the way we teach. The key things are value, believing, independent thinking, teamwork, care for others, making sure humans are different from machines.” – Jack Ma

I do everything to make sure my customer is happy, my employee is happy, society is healthy. I would focus on customers, I would focus on not making money, I would focus on making values. (JACK MA)


our journey started since 1998


We create values with Odoo  ERP since 2006 

5 ++

Small team but scalable with our outsource partner

We’re changing how teams work together

We work most of our time remotely, we value integrity, we execute tasks with passions, we work together as a team, we cultivate a culture to be vulnerable to accept who our real selves are, encourage creativity and trying out new ideas, and most importantly we letting go of exhaustion as a status symbol and productivity by cultivating play and rest. We cultivate meaningful work by letting go of self-doubt and supposed to blaming culture. We are E-GlobalSCM Team. This is our DNA, we will change the way most team work together.

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